The View From Room 118  2006 (Under Construction)

Welcome to the website of the Franklin Elementary After School CREST Program

 Here at Primary Crest, we enjoy a unique opportunity to experience each other in a social setting  where there is time to help with homework and discover the joy of reading, but possibly most importantly, we are encouraged to use our imaginations by writing original stories, plays and poetry, and express our individuality through the use of free art, thereby creating our own games, dances and songs.  Children from K to 3 think of Primary Crest as their own "clubhouse".   Supervised by teachers Susan Jaye, Patti Sterling-Molitch and Valencia Gavin, the children take part in a varied fun filled day of athletic pursuits, learning life skills through cooking and gardening, and the all important ability to perceive themselves as citizens of the community at large. 

We would like to share a few Highlights of our year using this website. We want to thank Max Parker's Dad, for his extraordinary photography, Lena Foellmer's parents,  for help with our music as we begin to building our songwriting program, and Ronan Casteleyn's Mom for helping with the "Crest Museum's Art Show". The support of our parents is  necessary to our success and is appreciated by all in the Child Development community.  Enjoy this glimpse into the minds of our Crest Kids.